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SweetCure Cupcakes
Treat Tables

Please complete our inquiry form to receive our detailed Treat Table Packages Proposal & Pricing Structure specifically designed for your special event!

All Inclusive Treats & Table Arrangements

Choose from our 2 signature packages including all your treat table design needs & of course our sweet signature treats! Including but not limited to the following;

1. Dessert table dressing and décor
2. Treat Table backdrop (Customization available)
3. Treat table balloon garland
4. Tier cake decorated in your event theme design
5. Additional treat options by the dozen or more!

Treat Table 1.jpg
treat tables.jpg

Treats Only

This option is for our sweet desserts only designed specifically for your customized theme! Choose from our signature treats such as Cupcakes, Rice Krispy Treats, Covered Oreos, Covered Strawberries, Dipped Pretzels, Cake Pops, Popcorn, Doughnut Walls, Cheesecake dessert cups, Brownies, Geo Cake Hearts, Assorted Candies and Tier Cakes!

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